staycation: most favorite days in sb

part one of my weekend. okay part one b. part one a. is a BBQ. picture picnic tables and white lights dangled under the stars. summer. friends. old and new. ping pong. check.

wake up and get asked, 'want to go on a boat in 45 min.' yes. yes i do. and so ensued my staycation weekend. boat ride. water. really enjoying being with non-type A planner people. let's eat a sandwich. let's gawk at Kevin Costner's boat. let's see how close we can look into the windows of that boat. all around, great times.

We boated down to summerland. Wow, it'd be nice if dolphins came out. hellooo dolphins. Overall, your picture perfect day. We even tied up at the harbor and walked around. And then, there was the evening...

Come home, shower up for dinner. Wait. I live here- this isn't vacation, right?! Okay back to life. Shower, dinner... Hungry Cat! Oh HC it had been too long! Then... Yogurtland.. then adios to the Ransoms. What a wonderful wonderful day...

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  1. ok, i have that same hat! Midwesterners unite