see how my garden grows

it's been awhile since i posted about the dirt and then the little plants I had planted. well a lot has changed and the produce is showing! melons, chard, name a few.

lettuce is a plenty and pretty sure i'll be wondering what else I can do with zucchini! There are tomatoes on the vine, beans which are trying to survive amongst snails, peppers, onions, and I admit- some things that I'm not too sure about. The labels blew away and well- we'll just see now won't we?! Also- below is some pumpkin vines. If we have a pumpkin patch, I'll be more than excited.

Right now there's a gopher trap, or two, in the garden. Maybe it's a gopher, maybe it's a mole. Regardless I'm going to be extremely upset if something comes and takes from me! I think this weekend it's about time I installed a bit of fencing to keep out the animals I hate with a passion..skunks.

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