power of two

another night of good music by two incredible artists. ray really got me on a kick and i couldn't let indigo come to santa barbara without going. bon iver is all the rage right now with the hipsters. that said, jess was all about it, and i was all about indigo. i'd consider them one of the first groups i got into. i remember the 1200 curfews cd well. i remember listening to certain songs a lot, and i got really excited when they played least complicated, power of two, and closer to fine. i maybe got just as excited when bon iver's justin vernon said his biggest musical influence- indigo girls. take that hipsters. here's to good music that doesn't get old. and here's to sitting in the granada theatre watching mom's dance with their little girls and jess whose never heard 'galileo' yell it, then pretend to sing along when it became the encore.

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