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It's important to keep up on current events. I was updated while I was home by my mother on all the latest celebrity gossip (she is my very own and well, currently with me I'm overwhelmed but thankful for the nights where I haven't thought about work. Tuesday was a real gem when my dear friend from home visited with her lovely aunt and cousin. I showed them my house, the garden (where I just discovered that plant isn't a weird pepper plant- they are green beans!) and then down the hill to Hendry's and the Boat House for a glass of Briddlewood Syrah before heading out to Ca'Dario. Winner all around. Wonderful company with 4 chagrinites and a young lady who has been raised by wonderful parents with midwest roots. I don't care if I'm biased. It was a night that could have gone on... and perhaps more just like it will happen in the near future when one wondering and wandering and wonderful friend decides it's about time she moved to CA...

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  1. thanks for the linky love Laura. i was so glad to finally meet you! and will forever associate santa barbara with you now. your recommendations of The Hungry Cat and Cold Spring Tavern were memorable but the night you describe was the highpoint :) next time we cook!!