the best thing

i didn't take my camera into the Hollywood bowl. even though a bottle of wine was allowed, for some reason i thought they'd want to confiscate the camera. regardless, you can picture an amphitheater outside on a California summer night. you can picture the mountains and the Hollywood sign. you can picture two girls high on summer, not the pot their neighbors are smoking, and you can picture happiness. i know you've got it in you for those times you can't fall asleep. no one pictures sheep- they picture... good. right there. well, so we sat and so we listened. we listened to jenny. good one jenny, good one. and then. there was ray. there is ray. and it is such a good thing there is ray because he is going to be making glorious music inspired by his farm in maine, wife, and two sons, for years to come. it was incredible and i don't think i'd let another summer go by without seeing him. ray- you are the best thing.

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