Mom's Broc Salad

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For our homegroup barbecue I brought something that represents the Midwest in me, and something that's the California in me. This, mayo and all, is the Midwest in me. But...It's vegetables so Californians are thrown off and they eat it. Mwa-ha-ha. It's delicious, easy, bring back memories of the back porch in summer time, and is from items that should be in your pantry. I doubled the below recipe.

Broccoli Salad:
1 bunch broc.
1/2 lb crispy bacon (or I used turkey bacon)
1/2 c. sunflower seeds
1/2 cup raisins
4 T. minced onion

1/2 c. mayo
2 T vinegar
2 T sugar
4 tsp. milk

Make the marinade and let it hang out for a bit. I made it about a day in advance. Toss all ingredients and let them get to know one another at least 2 hrs. before serving as the flavors just get better with time...


  1. mmmhwwwaaaa haaaa tricky girl!! I LUUUUV IT!

  2. Mom wishes you were here to make me some!