I'm alive and baking and cooking up more and more of a storm these days and consumed with thoughts of spoons, wooden, silver, simmering, a stewing. Good Spoon is a concept I've come up with that continues to take more and more shape. Basically kids, I'll be doing cooking classes, hope to cater small parties and events, or maybe your office staff meeting! Saturday is the first Good Spoon and it's sold out! There's even a wait list. Wow. The website is in the works and next week I'll be doin a lil photo shoot to help that along. Think aprons, spoons, tossing fruit and veg, kitchen, etc. It's gonna be grand. stay tuned- much more to come on the spoon! If you're interested in spooning before the website is launched (think August at then leave a comment and I'm happy to add you to the list of events that will happen, or if you have a party you want catered or to attend a class, let me know! Maybe you have a group of friends who are looking for something different to do with your Sat night? Here's to spooning and to my amazing friends that are helping make this dream a reality!


  1. Wow! I saw you mention this on Twitter a while back but now it's real! Congrats! Can't wait to follow along and see how everything shapes up!

  2. L$! This is awesome! i love it! GOOOOOOOOOOO YOU! Miss you! Hope to run into you at a j. crew somewhere in the world...sometime soon!
    peace, love, & sb2w! *annie*