Blueberry Buttermilk Scones

What does one do with all those fresh berries? Some are eaten fresh, and some are made into scones. My first try at a scone, and of course I felt a bit of kinship when I opened Living to see Martha had been picking berries,

I took note of not kneading them too much so that the dough would stay nice and delicate- just the way one thinks of a scone. Scones are hard to come by- if you're looking for a good one. They're either too dry, or too sweet. I think this recipe does a great job of making them somewhat moist, and only using natural sweetness from the berries. If I were going to make them again, I'd add some lemon zest to the batter, and perhaps make a lemon glaze to drizzle on top- not too much, but something to cut through the flavor that got a bit flat after day one. Overall- a good base recipe and a fun treat to make, and enjoy throughout the week, warmed, with a good cup of coffee.


  1. LOVE homemade scones - they are so easy and so much better than the dry ones usually found elsewhere. These look yummy!

  2. Anonymous6/07/2009

    They were perfect!!!