Blueberry Blueberry Blueberry

Sunday we continued our celebrations of Crystal and went blueberry picking. I missed the cute summer dress memo, but remembered the hat and was good to go. We got up to Santa Ynez in 25 minutes and walked past the goats, over the rotting wood bridge, and onto a patch of grass to spread our blankets, eat our cheese, bread, baguette, and late harvest white wine. This is not the good life, this is the really good life.

After a leisurely lunch where we all basked in the sunshine and out of the June Gloom Santa Barbara clouds, we made our way back to get our pails and pick our berries. Jen and I stayed close to the front of the patch and picked some lovely berries.

We chatted about life and came up with a clever idea for a wedding centerpiece- the beautiful blueberry stalks and then some lemons in tall vases. Cost effective and classy. Well... if you have blueberry bushes and friends with lemon trees.

I couldn't wait to figure out what to make with these berries, but fresh berries must be consumed alone, and so some friends and I had at it with some ice cream on Sunday night. A perfect end to a Sunday. Last night I made blueberry scones- also delicious.

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