Two-O at Duo

Last night I made my effortless arrival into Denver. Flying out to Santa Barbara should really be my new thing. No stress, a simple 10 min drive to the airport, and we're off. Gotta love small airports. I got in around 8 and it seemed like a good night to not cook, but head out to a restaurant. We walked over to Duo and had an excellent meal. Only a few restaurants in Denver pride themselves on serving all local, all organic, and this is one of them. The menu looked excellent and we ended up splitting Gnocchi with asparagus, peas, and pecorino and a lamb dish with mint, farro, and fennel on top. Really great flavor combinations. Our super-Colorado waiter tempted up to order some salad- arugula, pine nuts, light lemon vin.- excellent. We said no to dessert but if money grew on trees you probably could have talked me into their homemade buttermilk or prickly pear ice cream. Apparently their brunch is excellent so if I'm back again, I'm up for a round two at duo.

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