Look at me being all last minute and impulsive. After a couple days in the house, closed windows, no fresh air I was ready to get out and after an email of excitement from Auds, her blog post, and then a response from CT telling me to 'live a little' I was in. I mean, we all know I do live a little, but sure I'll prove it. And so began the trek up north to Campbell, CA. Cute little town outside of San Jose and new residence of the da da dunlops. I made it up there in time for Josh's dream pizza and some fro yo. The next day was sleeping in, ahh and off to Los Gatos for the biggest breakfast of your life at Los Gatos Cafe and a walk around the cute little town and into a lot of stores Josh just couldn't get enough of. Who doesn't love little trinkets and mirrors and furniture, oh my. Based on Josh's handy work it was fun to look at a $500 piece of furniture and ask how much it would really cost to make it. Los Gatos is super cute. Very much Chagrin like. I'm a fan of the bay area and it's antique mixed with new architecture and charm. The rest of the afternoon was followed up with an IKEA trip after drafting up my new room and deciding on where things should go. You just can't pass up their items and I'm excited about my classic timeless purchases. More to come on those once said new room is set and pics can be taken. The night had us at Aqui for their signature margs and then to a pub. We're pub girls- sure, put us in a pub. Oh wait, here comes the dj and creepy kevin, and...we're out. (Note- these bottles were never consumed. Promise)

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