i come to the garden alone

Probably my favorite hymn of all time starts with "I come to the garden alone..." And so begins my summer. I took on the task of gardening and was more than happy for no work Monday. All Saturday and Sunday I was busy on my knees and sore in this plot. I had some plants donated to me (sunflowers, oh... a pinot noir vine) some seeds, and then ended up buying some flowers for the beds, dirt to help out the clay/sand-like soil, and a couple plants that have already started. Tomatoes of course- cherry, purple, zebra, an eggplant, verbena, zuke, butternut squash, yellow squash. I planted seeds for beans, lettuce of all kinds, arugula, onions, flowers, artichoke, peppers, cucumber, melon, oh and pumpkin.

I'll be happy if half of this produces. For right now it was a long weekend and yes, I'll be sad if nothing produces. If I get tomatoes and lettuce and yes- the green beans that claim to be easy to grow, I'll be happy. And if the plants that have already started grow, I'll be even more elated. If the flowers grow from seeds that'll make me ecstatic, and if the pumpkin or melon really take- watch out.

p.s. to make sure all bases are covered we've got mint. think mojito. i don't really like them, but I'm sure I could warm up to them if I had to...

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  1. RE: mojitos. i love them.
    i also love pumpkins, mystery melons and artichokes. oh and wine, cause you have a vineyard there too right?