How Texas Are You?!

Wednesday night I decided despite moving, packing, cleaning, organizing, stressing, working, etc. I should make a stop by at some college friends' house for dinner. Each Wednesday the crew gets together, a meal is decided on, and everyone contributes. I knew I'd be there late and agreed to bring dessert. "I'm sure I can make something quickly yet delicious, no problem. Plus, it's been awhile since I've baked. It's about time." Well, of course I didn't decided on cookies or brownies or anything simple, I decided on Texas sheet cake- from scratch, with icing-from scratch. Who am I? I hurried home and started the process. Well, cooking to me is not only fun and creative, but a big stress reliever too. I told AP what I was making and was shocked to hear over her 18 years in Texas, she hadn't heard of it. What?! Texas Sheet Cake meet Annemarie. Annemarie meet Texas Sheet Cake.

I saw the cake on a blog and was excited to take a deep dive into making it. Memories of this cake are thanks to the ries family. Bev has a great recipe I'd love to get someday and I recall Anne asking for this cake on her birthdays. The cake was easy to make and the frosting warm and wonderful. I didn't get any of the second day tastings as I hear the flavors blend more then, but the initial results were lovely. I like the addition of chili powder- very Mexican hot chocolate-esque. Although Matt Saracen did not in fact show up to eat this cake, I'd make it again.


  1. Anonymous5/15/2009

    I'm still not sure what part of the cake makes it Texas....but it was good, and I'm about to dive into the 3rd day tasting....I'll let you know how it is!!!

    Oh, and some strange young man named Matt showed up this afternoon looking for you, but I had to tell him you were out of town.

  2. My favorite part of that whole post (even more so than the baking action shot) was the FNL shout out. Clear eyes. Full hearts (and stomachs). Can't lose.