Director of Fun

Friday afternoon Ana and I made our way up to Ft. Collins to go to New Belgium. We went about 6 months ago but it's just so fun, we wanted it to be on the list of things to do while I've been in Denver. Once again, it didn't let us down. We got there and were greeted by the same happy man who had talked to us before. When I said I was from SB he got really excited and we talked about how well the "Beer Ranger" is doing out there given that their beers are in several restaurants, pubs, and local markets. He told us to fill out a postcard or two and send it to a friend at their expense. Fun. He then gave us "the last two" tickets for the tour that day and told us to make our way over to Odell's and then head on back. And so, we walked on over and weren't super impressed. Back to NB please.

We couldnt' decide if we should go on a tour, again, so got seats at the packed out bar for the tasting room and our friendly bar tender had us flip a coin, on his iphone, to decide. Turns out we weren't supposed to go on the tour but he gave us a hard time about that seeing as it was with the "first employee EVER" for NB. I of course didn't believe this nonsense and had to verify with other staff. When the fact was true, we hopped on over and took the tour. Turns out Brian Kalahan is in fact the first employee ever as he started in '92 bottling beer for the founders. Since he's been with them so long he was able to craft his job and is the Director of Fun for New Belgium. After the tour we made our way to the tasting room and then it was back to Denver, after getting some goodies for a co-worker who probably loves NB more than I do...

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