Campbell's Farmers Market

Sunday morning we headed to the market. I love markets (this doesn't need repeating) and was happy to walk around Campell's. It's fun to see the stands people like and the classic market people. "World's Best Hummus" etc. They had a lot of plants and flowers but I had to hold back the urge...with a trip to Denver tomorrow it's too soon to purchase without being able to plant and care for them. I found it interesting how much asparagus there was. It seems the SB climate is over asparagus and onto other veg. We made our way around, got a fresh pastry, and enjoyed it with local coffee shop vibe and brew. Great company and good times then it was back to SB to assess the damage and get settled a bit more before starting the week.


  1. Anonymous5/13/2009

    I saw your camera out this morning and knew that you were up to some posting. :)

    We'll have to hit up the Farmer's Market here once you're back in town and get your garden going!!

  2. There was a lot of asparagus at our Farmer's market too! oh veggie seasons.