Blossom Time

Every year, Memorial Day rolls around and I'd rather be in Chagrin. Really I'm not sure anywhere else in the country beats Blossom Time in Chagrin Falls, OH. There is a parade, there is a 5k race, there is a carnival, there is the town hall with alumni, there are old faces and new, memories of getting asked to Blossom before a soccer game at the park, riding on the ferris wheel, the Blossom Time Queen, the the early mornings on front porches watching the runners, if you weren't running yourself, the outdoor barbecues everywhere, the late nights and gossip that comes with a small town. Hot air balloons over head, and the gaurentee that every year you know where to park, whose house to go to the night before, and that really magic is in the air. The memories of a first kiss, or seeing an old friend who since high school has been to war and back.

I'm from a small town and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Some people get sad if they're not home for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas. I think I get most homesick when I'm not in Chagrin for Blossom.


  1. Wish we were all there!

  2. There is no other answer to your question: No, there is nowhere like CF during Blossom Time. Nowhere!