Two New Vineyards

Last weekend Stacey and I drove from LA to Santa Maria for some wine tasting. We were further out than I'd been before and in my selfish desire to hit up as many new wineries as I can, we stopped into Zaca Mesa and Riverbench. I'd had Zaca wine and heard of Riverbench, so it sounded like a good combination. The folks at Zaca were friendly and the wine was alright. I liked a couple whites more than I thought I would and was glad to get the recommendation to Riverbench. Those whites I liked a lot more, and this is coming from a big bold red girl. Cab please. I digress. The weather was a bit cooler and windier than I had hoped but once at Riverbench we tasted and sat on a picnic table catching up on much needed agenda items for the weekend. Yes, we had an agenda of topics to discuss. All that to say, if you're out by Riverbench and like white wine, stop on in. It's a pretty new building and they're the local type.

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