there's a first for everything

I got away from work on Sat. and thanks to Leslie who pressured me into getting to the beach, had a great time at Santa Claus Lane. I looked back to see they had barbecued up some hot dogs and mentioned how that was such a California thing to do, and something I hadn't done before. "What?!?! Laura...." was the overwhelming response and so I 'had' to try out my first sandy-ish hot dog at the beach to kick summer off. Hot dogs to me need to be paired with stadium mustard, Jacob's Field and the tribe, but I think I'm ok with starting new California summer time traditions and see many more of these days to come. Thanks for getting me to the beach Les, and for teaching me about work life boundaries. :)

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  1. Anonymous4/08/2009

    Oh my goodness....I love hotdogs!!!! And what a great snack for the beach!! I wanna come next time! :)