must be nice

after the market we headed up to wine country and stopped into Melville, Foley, and Fess Parker, the latter two which I hadn't been to yet. They were both a bit too big and corporate for my liking, though you could probably get me back at the huge lawn at Fess. Also, I think we saw Oscar from The Office. Pretty Sure. I do like Melville, admittedly I think they're label is nice and enjoy the wax over some of the bottles. The wines good too. I got a bit lost up there and we ended up at the ocean near Gaviota before heading back into Santa Ynez to try out Tratoria Grappolo. I've seen the cookbook a lot up there and per usual, we sat at the bar. The service was attentive to say the least and pizza was nice topped with crunchy arugula.

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