just you wait.

I've got a plot of land and some green adventures ahead of me. I am excited. I've been trying to tap into some farmer friend knowledge and determine what best to plant in June that's going to come up just gloriously in the summer and into the fall, although Aug-Oct here are quite nice still. So far I'm thinking tomatoes, zukes, lettuce, herbs, chilies, etc. I'm excited for the little side area where I can plant some flowers as well. I'll till up their knowledge and most likely get some books from the library as well. I know- what a concept. Get excited, I know you are, to see the results to come in the months ahead...

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  1. Anonymous4/24/2009

    Look at you, I didn't even know you'd snapped this photo!! I'm so excited.....can't wait to see what you and your green thumb come up with!! :)