Jamie Meet Martha

Saturday was good reason to show the wonders that lie in the Dutch Oven I'd been speaking so much about. I found a recipe in Jamie at Home and was happy to make Crispy and Sticky chicken thighs with squashed new potatoes and tomatoes. I like the budget friendly cost of the thigh, and knew I could pick up tomatoes and potatoes that morning at the market, not to mention a lovely bunch of oregano. Paul's a big eater and I love me a good reason to make more risotto, or try out new recipes that is, so I picked up some asparagus at the farmers market as well for Martha's lemon risotto with asparagus and peas. (couldn't find it online but that recipe is close- minus using 1/2 cup of chardonnay in the beginning then 1 cup peas about a minute before it's done- taking off the heat, putting in butter and parm and waaa..la.) I figured right when the chicken was going in the oven, I could focus on the risotto and Paul's such a long time good friend, I wouldn't have to feel all hostess-y when he arrived. And so it was- as shown above though in it's leftover form- and it was good. I must say we ended up watching Jamie cook the chicken recipe and I learned some things I should have adapted when I made it. More counter space and cutting boards would have been nice for the whole mashing affect, and had I not been on the phone during the prep, I may have blanched and peeled the tomato skin. I guess since Jamie usually isn't into such details I should have taken better note of that one. Regardless, it was tasty and the risotto, though not as great as Jamie's, was consumed in large amounts.

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