He is Risen. He is Risen Indeed!

I love Easter. Especially this year- it's been a wonderful season leading up to it with bible study talking about why Christ had to die, and letting that all sink in. I've had a lot to be thankful for, and all the little kids wearing bunny ears have warmed my heart extra special this year. No bun in the oven, just precious. Old soul here, no surprises. I think about white patent leather shoes and yes, being able to wear white now. It snowed recently in Ohio- its ok this is a big deal to me. After a wonderful outdoor service this morning with Annemarie and Brett, I made me way to Les and Jer's super hungry- a good way to go to their house. Jeremy smoked a ton of meat, Les made garlic mashed potatoes, and there were roasted beets and a great salad. I provided an almond cake- post to come- and little egg baskets.
The day has been beautiful- just the right temperature and wonderful to sit and be. I wish we celebrated Easter more like Christmas- I'd take a day off tomorrow. Until then, I'll sit here and be thankful, thankful for the cross, of the wonderful cross.

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