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I've been slacking in the department of going out and making recipes for sake of saving a dollar or five. In that case, I've had the adventure of taking stock of the fridge and seeing what I can create. The other night I decided to make breakfast for dinner, but spiced it up and was happy with the results. It's comical when you think about what some breakfast joints charge for pretty simple fare, and I'd like to think my creation would have made the menu. Me thinking it wasn't that exciting didn't document my sauteed potato, spinach, egg, parm dish, and now on second thought wish I would have... That said I'll try and keep the posts of interest, and open to a wider audience. Maybe you're over recipes but you want some ideas, maybe I can provide them... Hopefully this won't make the blog look like I'm losing steam, because don't worry, I still know I've got an audience to wow and what a good motivation that is. Well, I'm writing out my thoughts too much and that is exactly the type of blog I'm trying to stay away from. So, stay tuned, and get to a cookin...

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  1. Anonymous4/21/2009

    What's wrong with your thoughts? I like your thoughts....and I think you should blog about them. For example: My friend Annemarie is the coolest!!