Who knew walking down State Street we'd run into a 'soft opening' of a rather charming, hip, city-like new restaurant. Booths, high tables, and a bar you say?! Pimms...what's pimms? Roth, Baker and I found this spot when we ran into the original location being full, and were rather pleased. I couldn't find much online, but it's a fun new place in town. It's owned by 2 of my least favorite places in town, but hey, good for them for creating something classy. The waiter was more than attentive to our table and even took a pic, with him in it, for myspace. What?! Who uses myspace?! Jokes on him. We shared some lobster mac and then painted the town red- nope. Overall a fun spot for a drink, and of course, I wouldn't mind trying out their menu sometime soon too. Grand opening is Memorial Day weekend- check.

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  1. I've heard about this place!!! Now I must go! :)