Friday was a wonderful foodie night in Santa Barbara for me. Anthony Bourdain was sold out at the Arlington theatre and I was more than happy to be in a room of people more than excited about him, his book, food, restaurants, and traveling. Local farms lined the walkway as we entered the lobby and his story was both inspiring and exciting. I think I'm going to have to read Kitchen Confidentail now. I admit to recognizing a local chef or two...Afterwards Rob and I headed over to Ca'Dario for a great Italian dinner. I'd highly recommend this spot. I had their ravioli pillows with sage butter. It was a night out on the town with a good friend, excited about the wonderful small city I get to call home.


  1. SO cool that you got to see him in the flesh - ever since my old over-load of the Food Network, catching his show every now and again is a welcome change.

    Oh, and I think those little biscuit/muffin thingies are adorable. I must try them perhaps for some March Madness-watching!

  2. Anonymous3/11/2009

    Very cool! I have read Kitchen Confidential and it was so intriguing. Let me know if you read it/like it!