Dutch Me an Oven

I've been wanting a Le Crueset dutch oven for awhile. When I told my roommate this sometime before Christmas she stopped, asked me what I proposed to do with the old one, I told her I'd just get rid of it, then she proceeded to ask if I was going to tell our landlord about my plans to replace the oven. That story never gets old. Needless to say we went into the outlet and the slate color I've been wanting was sitting there, 30% off an already marked down price because the color was apparently off enough to make it not ok to sell in retail stores. Well, I was all in and when she rang up what the price would be with the discounts, I could not say no. I have arrived- I won't be waiting around for registries when it comes to my kitchen- Dutch Oven, I love you. Last night I had to christen her with a recipe by Jamie Oliver of course. I made his Hunter's Chicken Stew which was excellent. Not t0o hard to make either, and a great company dish. I let the meat start to marinate in the Chianti and rosemary at lunch and by the time it came out of the oven, the meat was falling off the bone. Chad came over to celebrate and we sat and enjoyed the feast. I think dutchy and I are going to have lots of good times together, and as I noted to my mom when she asked why I spent so much on a pot- this is the pot my grandchildren will get someday. Love.

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