cookie pie

Freshman year of college I discovered a recipe on the back of the Toll House semi-sweet morsels that became my signature dish. Dorm life doesn't lend itself to pantries and nice kitchens, at least not when I was there, so I found myself baking something with the simplest ingredients one can think of- butter, sugar, flour, chocolate. Back in those days, the aroma apparently spread as I recall one time a friend coming up to me asking if I had made cookie pie the night before, and not shared with him. I am not stupid and made this dish often. Another friend had it once and to this day sees me and says, "cookie pie?" And the stories go on... I made one, well two, yesterday for dessert with some friends and the results came out well. Having expanded my horizons after all these years it's not as exciting to make, and I found myself thinking, "well this is the same reason why people like French food- butter, butter, butter."

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  1. Boy, LB, and Audge... Armington Dorms... Cookie Pie... those were the days...