A Preview

A dear friend from my DC days is headed west and here is a little preview of the coming weekends activities. Also this is why more of you should come visit me. I'm a good tour guide.

Proposed Itinerary for One Said Christy P., here on out labeled as CP, and One Said Laura Beth H., here on out labeled as LB

Friday February 6:
  • 3-4 PM: LB leaves work early and travels to LB to capture CP. (exact time TBD)
  • ETA 5:30.
  • They drive up Pacific Coast Hwy One and enjoy the daylight and sunset over the pacific ocean.
  • They decide if they would like to dine on the coast, though it may be dark and they may decide to get back to SB and go to Hungry Cat, Laura's favorite spot. The chefs claim to be from Chicagoland. CP and LB will mostly drink lots of wine and have lots of fun.

Saturday February 7:
  • CP and LB wake up at whatever time they like, thankyouverymuch.
  • They breakfast at D'Angelo (think european cafe) or Tupelo Junction (think texas with lots o delicious dish) or Jeannine's (think possible star siting like kelly kapowski) CP checks out the sites and chooses- after all Laura lives here and can go to these whenever she darn likes.
  • After breakfast they head down to the Farmers Market. It's wonderful and will inspire you. Maybe they pick up fresh flowers, cheese, bread, veggies, etc. to snack on for lunch or to bring with them wine tasting.
  • they walk around downtown and go into store like C'est Cheese and maybe even some chains if they so choose. They maybe go to the beach at this point too and walk along it.
  • Laura has a bridal shower to go to from 1-3. She plans on giving CP some CP time at the beach or the Mission.
  • Laura picks up CP and they head to Santa Ynez to go to a few wineries and go wine tasting. They cruse in Lexi and stop off at Firestone and several others.
  • They decide if they want to stay in Los Olivos and have dinner, or come back to SB. TBD.
  • They maybe go to a show downtown at a local venue. Laura kinda knows the drummer.
  • They have had a wonderful day.
Sunday Feb 8, 2009

CP has to catch a plane east and LB wakes up and drives her back down to LA. Alas. The two will see each other again. Most likely in Chicagoland.


  1. Serious kudos for your use of Chicagoland. Perhaps a real complete reunion in C-land?

    Sounds like a great itinerary... can't wait to read/hear all about it!

  2. SO SO excited! See you Friday afternoon!

  3. Love this....my travel buddy, Lora, and I did the same thing. I always "AP" and Lora was "LG". My email (that I'll be changing) was also APinAustinTX@gmail.com....so funny that is how your blog title is formatted too. Great minds, I tell you!!