That night I headed over to Sacramento and met up with my favorite cousin. That's what we call each other. He showed me around downtown Sacramento, a capitol city that's interesting in California. He works in the Treasury Department and has plans of being the governor someday. He's not kidding. His brother, my other favorite cousin, has plans of having a vineyard after he finishes his viticulture program so we jokingly, yet seriously, chatted about how I'll just have a restaurant or B&B at Matt's Vineyard. I'll host events for him as the Governor. Perfect. He took me to Mikuni which was a really lively and hip sushi bar filled with young people and tastes of my life in DC with well dressed professionals all around. I don't see too many suits and ties in SB.

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  1. Hey what if they are my fave cousins too? I jokingly (no seriously) want in on the vineyard gig...think about it.