Cry No More Ladies, Cry No More

I had high hopes for posting everyday because I get yelled at when I don't. OK not yelled at but I do know some of you check this more than others and I hate the thought of letting you down. In anticipation of a great year of cooking I thought I'd let you in on some things Santa and his elves, Ruth and Jim, got for me. I also got an immersion blender and for about the 8th year in a row had kitchen items as my main gifts. These 2 cookbooks are sure to inspire and be fun to cook through this year. 2009- it's Go Time.


  1. Hey LB,

    Nicki and I have taken to the food network. I really like Paula Deen. Great accent and she makes food that would give a heart attack just by looking...

    Talk to you soon.


  2. Anonymous1/09/2009

    An immersion blender will change your life! I love mine so much.

  3. way cuter pic than just the two book covers! yay for cookbooks!

  4. Ahhh... music to my ears... kitchen equipment for presents. Immersion blenders are great - definitely let me know if you find any special recipes you use yours in... I've loved using mine the few times I have but always look to find new uses!