Chez Panisse

Each time I've been up to Berkeley I've known I needed to make it to Chez Panisse at some point. I was flying solo on this trip and decided to treat myself to lunch at the Cafe which is much more economically sound as opposed to their $75-$95 dinner prices. I remember seeing Alice Waters on non other than Martha awhile ago and loving her food philosophy. Since then I've drooled over her beautiful cookbooks and loved her mantra on Slow Food and cooking, especially here in Santa Barbara where it can be so easy to eat locally and seasonally with Farmers Markets about every day.

So. I confidently made reservations for one and went in to the Cafe. The bread was great, butter was rich and delicious- the way butter should taste. I made friends with the water boy and loved the older gentleman who was my waiter. I told him I was from out of town and looking for the experience, so he recommended a few dishes and I settled on the quail. When else am I going to order quail?! And if I am...I'm going to order it at a place like this. I felt much like Kate in No Reservations having an incredible experience, loving food, the atmosphere of this place, and knowing this love for all things gastronomical would not soon go away. The quail was excellent, I was full, but water boy convinced me to experience a dessert and the Blue Bottle Coffee. I ordered a pink lady apple tart- thin slices and really beautiful with Meyer Lemon ice cream. It was light and wonderful. I was wishing the Ries women were there with me and was thankful for Liz to be texting me throughout the meal. Shout out to Liz. :)

I perused the books on display and water boy whose name I obviously failed to get, told me to take these beautiful prints. Free. Ahh...loved it. Loved it all.

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