a thankful thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day my parents and I drove through VA, Maryland, PA, and into Ohio to the wonderful Ries family home. I've known this family my whole life, and as we liked to say, Anne and I were friends in utero as our mom's were friends. The Ries' have inspired my love for cooking so of course I was excited to partake of their Thanksgiving, Martha butter molds and all. Anne made a wonderful sweet potato dish and the apple pie with perfect crust is something I can never turn down from Mrs. Ries. Liz made a great artichoke dish, there were two kinds of cranberry relish, and all the fixings. There was also homemade bread and a couple days later we went back to have Panettone french toast from Grandaisy and watch the movie we've watched about every year that we can together, Little Women. It was a wonderful holiday with family friends who really are like family.

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