pursuit of holiness

I picked up this book from church the other week and found it to be quite a good read. the topic intrigued me as a daily battle seems to be what is right and wrong, what are my convictions, what is the way God wants me to live, etc. This book was good in that it wasn't just another man's ideas, sure they were in there, but there was a lot of Bible reference for me to see what God's view is. it's not about a moral conduct or abstaining from certain things, but living a life that speaks to Him and one that is all around about him. It's a daily struggle and one I have a ways to go on, but as someone who was once super legalistic is many senses and has discovered grey area, and in that loosened up a bit, much to my gladness and I'd say those around me, this was a good refresher and a book I'll be passing on to friends.

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  1. ahh...fanstastic book...as is the Pursuit of Godliness