boat house bust

so maybe i'm being dramatic but ya know what, it's ok. it's my writing and if i was 'whatever whatever' (insert audrey's voice) about things you probably wouldn't come back to my blog.

So- Saturday night my mom was here and we decided to go down to the Boat House. The bar is wonderful- I'd go there any night of the week as you sit there looking at the ocean. The decor of the place is very clean and there's a great view no matter where you sit. I introduced Ruth to a greyhound and we met some old people. Welcome to Santa Barbara. Dinner was overpriced and bland. I mean your standard fish and veg, but little flavour and well not my favorite when I knew Hungry Cat was in our future. So- we went
there after for dessert and the chef was like "Cleveland, right?" We proceeded to tell them how much we didn't like the Boat House and how we would be back for dinner soon. So, tonight is Hungry Cat once again. Excited....

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  1. what's up with that, boathouse?? whatever whatever... :)