and then i fell in love

nope- not romantically. however monday night my parents and i went to hungry cat for dinner. we sat at the copper bar, right in front of the chefs and watched them make whole fish, pug burgers, and our dinners right in front of us. my mom of course made a new friend that of course i ended up knowing through just one person (welcome to santa barbara). although the menu looks small all of our meals were excellent and full of flavor; seabass and mussels, clams and homemade chorizo, and yellowtail. if i were laurence hauben i'd highly recommend this place.

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  1. lb! The shot on the left is so artsy! I love it! And I love that your parent are in town... hope you have a wodnerful time. we're here in NZ and missing our sb peeps -- have fun with the 'rents!