star struck

I mind as well have been bumping into the cast from the Hills or Bachelor last night at SB Nights, a 3rd Thursday event in SB at the Art Museum. All these want-to-be- in People magazine friends in top form with their little dresses and expensive jeans. It was quite the experience with weird music, super LA nnnsa-nnnsa- interesting modern art and people who think they are in fact artwork themselves. Once we'd spent our time there and decided it was OK to leave, after of course being introduced to a man who admitted to attempting to chemically straighten his hair, we left to look back and see Andrew Firestone. I've always been all 'yeah yeah yeah' when his name has come up before, but.... for the record he is one attractive man. His wifey was there too, Louis Vuitton bag and all. As my mom would now sing, 'what do the simple folk do..." Well, I'll tell you- we look on and get star struck.

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