Last night we went out to celebrate Hilary mastering education. That's right- way to go Hil! Alcazar is owned by the same people as Milk and Honey, but doesn't have the 'nnn-sa nnn-sa' LA vibe which I can take or leave. I ordered a Habenaro Passion fruit Margarita which had a kick to say the least. Second up was a coconut mojito that was so good and something I'd love to learn how to replicate at home with all the mint I've got. We then split brie baked with apples and a sweet balsamic reduction, and our favorite, Puntas de Filete Con Crema. It's filet tips in this light spicy cream sauce with jalapenos and other peppers. You pour it over a toasted sliced baguette and it's pretty wonderful. Way to Master Education Hil and have a good reason to celebrate. I've asked it before and I'll ask again, What are you going to master next?!

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  1. Oh, I think you meant to ask, WHO am I going to Master next? HAHAHAHA. Good one, LB. Also, thanks for the celebrations - it was wonderful and I loved the coconut mojitos.