Tribe Friends!

Friday night my friend and I headed down to LA in the ridiculous heat (108 at 7:40, 95 at 11:00); she was wearing 'dodger blue' and I was proudly decked in my Ohio State shirt. Of course the first Indian fans I saw I went up to and said, "GoTribe!" Jess thought I knew them, nope although I did get an, "alright kiddo." We proceeded to say "Go Tribe" or in some cases I just nodded... and I also received a "Buuuckeyes!" Jess commented, "They're all so nice and normal like you!" Once again- the Midwest really does produce a great crop. We sat in our seats, I enjoyed my first Dodger Dog, and watched the tribe bring it home to victory!

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  1. two tickets to dodger stadium, $28

    dodger dog and pretzel, $14

    extra large corona, $10

    tribe friends in 104 degree heat... priceless

    i guess there really are some things money can't buy.