fruit tostadas

only in california would a girl grow up on fruit tostadas. last night my friend hilary insisted that i try this dish, and to not knock it until i'd tried it. when i got to her house i told her to do the deed and make it up for me, i wouldn't want to mess up this family tradition. the first layer is a tortilla lightly fried to the point that it looked toasted more than fried. next layer black beans (mashed?), then cheese, lettuce, pineapple, mandarin oranges, and nectarines since they're in season. on top is catalina dressing. again...only in california.


  1. So what's the verdict - was it good? Sounds intriguing to me, though not sure about topping it with Catalina dressing.

  2. yesssssss, Laura. It was the best thing you've ever had, right? I thought so.