old soul. we all know i have one.

I'm almost done with Anne Lamott's Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith. I've enjoyed it a lot. Her very liberal thoughts and Christian perspective are something that maybe i don't agree with all the time, but i respect. I'd argue that it's good for everyone to read something that they don't 100% believe in once in awhile- it stretches us. anyways, i love this paragraph that i think fits well with the essence of the good life...
"I have grown old enough to develop radical acceptance...I don't think that if I live to be eighty, I'm going to wish I'd spent more hours in the gym or kept my house a lot cleaner. I'm going to wish I had swum more unashamedly, made more mistakes, spaced out more, rested. On the day I die, I want to have dessert. So this informs how I live now."

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