market me

sometimes it sounds like i'm glamorizing santa barbara, or my life here. but, i really dont' think i am. it's beautiful, and everyone that lives here knows it. where else can i ride my bike to work- from my house, up around the mission, look at the ocean, then cruise downtown through neighborhoods. the way up is a bit different, but i'm up for the work-out. i was just now doing some research on the fish market that happens down at the harbor on saturdays as i'd like to go and stumbled upon this article from the LA Times. Laurence Hauben who I took the French Cooking Class from is highlighted in it, and the C'est Cheese shop they mention is a block from my work. It's one of my favorite rows of stores; cheese shop, used book store, bread and bakery shop. everything you need in a matter of feet.

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  1. I don't think you're glamourizing, just free advertising for SB! Sounds like a place I'd like to visit... especially that new row of shops! Cheese shop and bakery?! YUM