laurence hauben

Saturday was the day dreams became reality. i finally got up for the cooking class at Roblar Winery. I was definitely not fitting the demographic of the class, but oh well. we went into the kitchen and were greeted by Laurence Hauben who is from France, but has lived in SB for about 24 yrs. She's big into eating local; the farmers markets and fish market on Saturday, and Slow Food. She is also an advocate that you only need a few, fresh, great ingredients, and you can make wonderful meals. I liked her from the beginning, though I kinda wonder if she was curious as to why I was there- she probably thought I was with my parents. Anyways, the menu included: local organic goat cheese canapes drizzled with orange blossom honey, bites of avocado mousse topped with fresh local rock crab, lime chipotle crema, chilled gingered carrot soup with coconut milk, local halibut tartare, chilled navel orange slices infused with rose geranium, roasted organic poussins (not pigeons) rubbed with herb butter, local spring asparagus tips, spring onions, and baby zucchini, Harry's berries mesclun salad, and finally molded classic French chocolate mousse with chandler strawberry coulis with chocolate leaves. so good and classy and great company- a couple that i may help with a dinner party they're having, and another who just started growing vines about 1/2 mile from roblar. who needs napa when santa ynez is 30 min. from my doorstep...

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  1. for some reason i feel like this isn't the whole story... gulllll!