high life

saturday was the perfect day to tromp around and take our time. once again it was another beautiful day in nyc. we decided to go to The Met, but stopped off at Columbus Circle first so I could go to Bouchon Bakery. Thomas Keller is incredible and the bakery itself is so beautiful- sage green and brown with wonderful graphics inspiring me and resulting in dreams of going back to france. with that, i should probably learn how to pronounce more than just 'sur la table.' i was glad i didn't get breakfast at the hotel- it meant we could try his coffee cake and almond, raspberry croissant. i could probably sit there all day, and in fact wondered if i worked at time warner, if i would have to run errands for my boss and get his coffee from there every morning, or baked goods for meetings. that is a task i would not complain about. on the fourth floor are some of the nations best restaurants. Thomas Keller opened up Per Se as a result of saying it wasn't going to be like the "French Laundry, Per Se." I read a whole chapter on it in The Reach of a Chef and it sounds incredible. The prix fixe meal is $275 and if you want to get someone a gift certificate there, minimum cost is $550. maybe someday... If I don't hit up Per Se though, maybe the dreams of going to French Laundry thanks to Maggie's friend next month will become reality. take me away thomas. Right next to Per Se is Masa where apparently getting a table can cost you $350- you go in and are served what the chef decides on. I've read lunch for two can easily cost you over $1000. as we went down the escalator my mom appropriately sang, 'what do the simple folk do..."

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