fish. farmers. french.

yesterday was a pretty incredibly wonderful santa barbara day- affirming why it is i love it here and also the roots i'm putting down. the morning started with going to the Santa Barbara Fish Market at the harbor with Audrey and Josh. We wanted something fresh and local and settled on black sea bass- caught right here in SB. We then went onto the farmers market where we picked up everything else for our meal- all local thankyouverymuch. we then headed on to Renaud's to try out his full breakfast. So good... Jeannine's now has some competition on upper state. the afternoon for me was spent helping a woman with an Italian cooking class. It was at a couples beautiful home- 5 couples came and she shared her Italian recipes thanks to her parents. Her dad went to culinary school there and her mom was a baker. i enjoyed it very much though i must say it's put the bug in me that i could someday do little cooking classes for my friends, or their friends, or bake for birthday parties, etc. a little catering perhaps. some people steer clear and don't like the pressure- but i think i would. so- business cards could be on their way. any thoughts for a name?! "laura beth basics..." "bounty by lb." ok- really though let me know your ideas. I came home to 2 chefs in my kitchen and really good scents of garlic. We made a recipe I remember making in high school- Oven-Roasted Sea Bass with Couscous and Warm Tomato Vinaigrette. It was as good and simple as I remember- comes out real classy, healthy, and so good. It's a recipe you think- "this is better than what I would get at a restaurant..." at least I think so. we also had some squash from the garden and french baguette from the market to sop up the sauce. we had Firestone Chardonnay- only $4.99 at TJ's right now! audrey also made an excellent peach cobbler with cinnamon ice cream for dessert. we combined a couple recipes to get a great crust and audrey took vanilla ice cream, softened it and mixed in cinnamon to make for a great flavor- so great with the cobbler. once again..the really good life.

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