bathing on lawns

friday was yet another lovely day. we woke up and walked over to the today show- saw kathy lee and stood in the background as the cooking segment was going- of course. afterwards i went into dean and deluca for a coffee- part of my new york experience i say. from there we stopped into St. Patricks and admired it's glory- i love how new york has cathedrals and parks... more walking and finally a lunch at Mangia where my mom and I had lunch a couple years ago- really incredible prepared foods. my dad and brother went to the carnegie deli and got their corned beef on rye, equivalent to me needing dean and deluca coffee. we made our way to central park and enjoyed the beautiful spring day that it was- everyone outside bathing on the lawns as if it were sand. should i ever live in nyc, i think central park would have to be a big part of my life. it's incredible that there's a huge space in the middle of concrete that makes you feel far from the dust and smell of trash that's been sitting on the sidewalk. i loved the pond near the boat house. sign me up for a class meal there any day. next we'd walk past Parsons and i'd look for tim gunn. not really, but would be fun if he walked by. we also went to Union Square where they were having the green market. picture you've got mail when they get pretzels and an apple then sit on a bench. love it.

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