oh martha

here's the moment you've all been waiting for. ok not all, but i hear this is an anticipated post. so, i'm going to start from the beginning and hatch through some of the best consecutive days of my life, starting of course with martha. i took the red-eye and thankfully arrived early enough that we were able to get to martha and stand in line where i realized i was much younger than her 'average viewer' who knew? and that the show was live, and as the intern non-chalantly said, "all chefs." dream come true. as the woman came around asking if anyone had questions for martha, i came up with one in my head; having baked cookies the other day without a recipe, i wanted to ask martha what the correct proportions of flour to sugar to butter should be. good one i thought... well, thanks to the show being Take Your Child to Work Day only kids were allowed to ask. We finally got through security and entered the waiting room which was filled of pictures she'd taken from her Bedford Home. Of course Martha is also a photographer. Croissants and Evian were there for us, and of course big pictures of the one and only. Joey came out and got us warmed up, told us how to clap and how to say 'mmmm' when something good was made. who knew. when we got in there, of course the set was beautiful and i asked that we sit up close so we got in the front row of the raised section. and then hip hop started... usher and all- my share was vibrating and martha was getting us excited. as if i wasn't already. the show was so fun with guest chefs Jim Batsacos and Margot Olshan. Once it was over we were able to take pics of Martha and while we were leaving, we bonded with Joey. Now thats a good thing.

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