my life in sb

the past 48 hrs. have been a good reminder of why i live here. not that i need reminding- but i do like when i think, 'gosh i live in paradise.' i finally discovered on a run why people think so highly of the street pedregosa- the houses are incredible- so incredible in fact i felt as if i'd read a book in my childhood about them. there is also a house whose whole front is this huge panel that opens up so there was a woman in her living room, reading a book- no walls. as if i didn't already know santa barbara was full of people with thick wallets, this confirmed it. i wonder what they've all done to either build these homes...or possibly own them.

bringing it down to my not so thick wallet, today i stopped into Our Daily Bread to get a pop and roll to go with my lunch and was told by the cashier, who i think is beginning to recognize me, 'for you?! $3.00." vip treatment- 10 cents off my roll. awesome. similar to the farmers market experience i had when ana was in town- "ranuculus for you? $4."

in foodie notes- i blanched some spinach and arugula the other night and had it under my salmon. also had some spaghetti squash with tj's green olive tapenade mixed in and some parm- that and a glass of red vino for my heart of course made it quite classy if i do say so myself...

this morning i woke up early, ran from lazy acres down by the beach and came home to realize a lot of the roses are blooming outside my kitchen window. ah, the good life.


  1. what descriptions! love your life. and i want to come back in sept! i even got a shout out in this section. hollla

  2. Yay! You said "pop"!!