good things

i love trying out new places in sb - makes me realize that it's got more going on than one might think. Friday some friends and I hit up Chad's for their happy hour as it's going to close down soon, and then had dinner at Quantum. From the looks outside I was anticipating techno beats and LA flavour, but thankfully it was much more Santa Barbara. Audrey and I split their SB Burger which had chiles and guac and then since Food and Wine recommended it this month in their travel section, we splurged on a snickerdoodle spiked milkshake- cinamon McConnell's ice cream- so good.

the rest of my weekend was spent down in Malibu Canyon with my church. i got a chance to hang-out and meet some new people- i especially like chelsea and jeff mumm- haller.


  1. Anonymous4/21/2008

    oh yeah-- my first ever blog shoutout!!! we like you too.

    i'm glad to read what you wrote about quantum. i've always been intrigued by that place.

  2. Woah. Chels, a blog shout out and a blog comment. Big news in the life of SBers.