flour and sugar

strolling through soho i made a point to drop into some places i love... or places i knew i would love. of course we had to stop into magnolia which although it's great, i think i'd like to venture away from their cupcakes and try out the owners new home cookbook. we also went into once upon a tart which is so wonderful and enchanting. i sat there a couple years ago, had a coffee, read a book, and listened to loud opera music. talk about wanting to live in nyc... once i got back into soho later on that day to meet up with anne, we also ran into Balthazar. it's beyond beautiful inside with wonderful chandeliers and low lighting. if you know me you know how i love low lighting. of course i took a picture and was told it's not allowed. if only they knew the free advertising they'd be getting from me... :) although it was kinda hard to peak into the restaurant next door, i did try and dream of the day money grows on trees and what it must be like to just eat out at places like these all the time.

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