favorite night

the favorite day was coming to an end, but it was ok because my favorite night was ahead. we got over to brooklyn and enjoyed our pizza on the stairs of BAM pre- Paul Simon. little did we know the night would be all "American Tunes." with guests, Olu Dara, Grizzly Bear, Josh Grobin, The Roches, Gillian Welch, and not in the program but the icing on my cake that day- Amos Lee. paul simon was shockingly small, especially compared to many others on stage, but sang like the champ that he is. josh was funny to me, until he opened his mouth and sang like an angel. he sang bridge over troubled water with paul simon and it was probably one of the most beautiful duets i've ever heard. amos lee was amazing, and hearing paul simon sing 'only living boy in new york' in new york is something i won't soon forget. after the show we stopped in for a brooklyn brew in brooklyn- of course that's what i ordered.

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  1. wow, suddenly i want to move to brooklyn.